Nashville Music City cover everything and anything Music City. Natives and locals to Nashville we curate music news, events and reviews all focused on the booming growth of Nashville and her music scene.

With thousands of artists on Broadway alone we hunt down the best local spots to listen to great musical talent while not having to fight someone at the bar for a drink. Places where you can cozy up to the bar, listen to great music and be left alone.

Places that have lines and lists but you have the right connection to get you in the back entrance.

I have the connections and low down on everything and anything happening in Music City. The best spots on any given day or night and the must see shows featured in Nashville.

Find out why Nashville is called Music City and learn about her deep and rich culture of southern hospitality and musical madness.

Need a music event? I got you covered.

Need a spot to eat? I got you covered.

Lounge? Got you covered.

Live music? Covered.

Latest music news? Covered.

I am Nashville Music and it’s our job to have the right connection and information on Music City so your visit is as best it can be.

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