Dating back to the early nineteen hundreds we have always been seekers of history, facts and truth.

My great grandfather traveled through Nashville, Tennessee with his home town traveling circus and carnival from Kokimo, Indiana and his “Petried Man 8th Wonder of the World” exhibit.

About Us

This is where the love and interest started for the education and history of Nashville, Tennessee.

Always mystified by Nashville’s rich history and true southern hospitality, Sam loved Nashville’s architecture and buildings like Nashville’s Union Station and The State Capitol.

Second Ave was Market Street and Broadway didn’t have Honky Tonk music joints until nineteen thirty when Jimmie Rodgers started performing at the river front bars of the Cumberland River in Nashville.

Sam traveled back to Nashville with his family as often as possible from Connecticut where he ended up planting his roots because of his work with Remington Arms in Bridgeport, Connecticut and entrance into the New England Hall of Fame for Horseshoe Pitching.

Some of us stayed in Nashville while others never stopped coming. I was one of them.


Sam wouldn’t recognize Nashville today or understand why we call it Music City.

My name is alias Eddie Nash a.k.a Richard Bartram and will be your tour master extraordinaire and Music City concierge ambassador to everything and anything happening in Nashville.

I love delivering that rich and deep Nashville history to you through our website and social media that delivers music news, events and reviews.

Contact us. I love Nashville and love interacting with the people of Nashville. Tourists, locals, whatever. Look for my team and I on the streets of Music City, say hello and snap a pic with me. 

Find out why I am Nashville Music City.

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